Heritage collection

Simonnot Godard and other historical weavers from Cambresis (North of France) have contributed to the promotion and knowledge of the very specific Cambrai batiste handkerchief. Very useful and smart accessories today to wear in any circumstances..

The tradition of weaving linen is attributed to Batiste Cambrai who following a secret process achieved in 1304 in the making of fabric "as fine and delicate as a spiders web". The weavers were called "mulquiniers". They worked from home. During centuries they have produced unique finest linons, great supports for laces and embroideries.

Step by step cotton replaced linen and spinner of Cambresis developped a cotton linen thread, more easy to weave and less expensive. In the 20th Century, Simonnot Godard house has been very successful in cotton warp weft linen. 

Some of them are already sold by our selective retailers, but other beautiful articles will be propose directly on line and will be very happy to share this great heritage with you.

Heritage collection » Angels and ballerinas 1980
Ref: angelots
Heritage collection » Brummel 1950
Ref: Brummel
Heritage collection » Leval 1950
Ref: leval archives SG
Heritage collection » Madeleine 1955
Ref: Madeleine
Heritage collection » Oscar 1980
Ref: Oscar
Heritage collection » The Birds 1980
Ref: Les oiseaux

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