Un savoir-faire - The handkerchief

Every Simonnot Godard handkerchief is exclusively woven (and not printed)

For each collection, the house's wonderful archives are researched in-depth and serve as a source of inspiration out of which designs and motives that are part of our history are created - some of which are strictly historical, and others that we then reinterpret with contemporary twist.

In 2002, our weaving mills are transferred in Lyon to an old canut workshop, the Berliet-Degurse workshop. The whitening of the fabric - the crucial step that ensures that we get the immaculate white we need to craft quality handkerchieves, is at this time, entrusted to a workshop up un the Vosges mountains, known for their use of the purest water for the process.

To this day, the Simonnot-Godard house offers a range of products of the highest level, offering purist details like cut-yarn or windowwed-yarn jacquard, or "upper-under" stitched satin straps.

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