"The most beautiful handkerchiefs in the world" (Hugo Jacomet - The Parisian Gentleman)

For 200 years the house Simonnot Godard produces handkerchieves fabrics. Today this tradition is maintained in the service of the most beautiful stores in Europe and in the world.

The woven handkerchief Simonnot Godard, it is a unique experience, a product authentically artisanal, which respects the know-how and the care of formerly.

The Simonnot Godard pocket square is also made of linen and cotton, very fine and processed in the Vosges. It design is more contemporary and sober.

The pocket handkerchief Simonnot Godard is inspired by drawings from our 18th century archives. It is also a real  environmental friendly product !

The feel, strength and brilliance of our products are unmatched. It takes 4 months of work between the choice of pattern and the realization of the handkerchief or pouch Simonnot Godard.

Benjamin Simonnot : "We want to make Simonnot Godard a committed and unique Brand keeping the spirit of a family House. Our philosophy and aim is to provide our customers beautiful and unique products at reasonable prices. Our handkerchief fabrics are still woven and mercerized in France with traditional methods and our manufacturing process is long but essential to the development pf quality and durable products "

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